Meet the Bitcoin Motion Team

Bitcoin Motion is a small team of dedicated and passionate individuals with a mix of backgrounds and expertise. On the concept and vision side, they have several professional traders with years of practical experience between them, as well as several cryptocurrency experts. Because this platform was created by people with real insight and knowledge that money can't buy, every element of the trading interface is set up with practicality and functionality in mind.

Bitcoin Motion designers are amongst the very best at what they do. No vision becomes reality without an artist to bring it to life. The team is proud to have streamlined the platform. The dedication and attention to detail applied by the team’s tech wizards are what makes that possible.

The Journey So Far…

To understand how Bitcoin Motion got here, it is important to understand what inspired the developers to create the platform in the first place. In the past, almost all serious trade opportunities were available solely to the exclusive club of financial top dogs and professionally trained traders.

When Bitcoin first launched, it was difficult to access for the average Tom, Dick, and Sally. Only insiders with the right background or bank balance could find their way into the market. Of course, the cyber realm was the first to access the mysterious new crypto coin before most people even knew what it was.

As a group of people who are passionate about Bitcoin and what it can do for society, the creators of Bitcoin Motion were moved to find a way of opening things up. Luckily, digital trading platforms were growing more advanced every year, making the vision possible. Between the trader's in-depth knowledge of the markets, the crypto experts’ Bitcoin bibles, and the brilliant minds of the team, Bitcoin Motion became a reality.

Since then, the platform has helped people with no previous trading experience learn how to trade on Bitcoin. Bitcoin Motion has remained inclusive and accessible to whoever wants the chance to try and make Bitcoin work for them, and the developers have no intention of changing that in the future.

What Comes Next?

The next steps for Bitcoin Motion are all about growth and forward momentum. The team intends to maintain the high standard they are known for and to work on making the platform even better. Bitcoin is a major player in the financial market already and is poised to become even more central. The platform intends to be right there beside it.